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GOVenrnment joinery mills, pampore ,SRINAGAR.

GOVenrnment joinery mills, Bari brahahmana,jammu.

Presently Wood Sector comprises two units one at Pampore Kashmir and 2nd at Baribrahmana, Jammu. Due to devastating fire incident during 1987 the Plant and Machinery and Buildings pf Govt. Joinery Mills, Pampore gutted completely. Some machines were repaired and some were re-installed. It was established in 1953-54 and has complete range of wood working machinery imported from Sweden. It includes unique seasoning Kiln and one Impregnation plant. This factory was taken over by JKI in October, 1963. This unit had a record in meeting requirements of Joineries to prestigious customers in the country like HUDCO, Harayana Housing Board, and Gaziabad Development Trust as well as other Govt. departments of the State like PWD and Social Welfare Department.

The Govt. Joinery Mills, Baribrahmana, Jammu was set up in the year 1973 to meet requirements of Joineries/Furniture in Jammu region and adjoining areas of Punjab and Delhi. The plant was commissioned in 1977 and has potential to manufacture and supply Joinery and furniture items of standard. The timber is procured through auction from State Forest Corporation for both the Joinery Mills.

In Govt. Joinery Mills, Pampore Kashmir and Bari-Brahmana, Jammu our designers are also engaged in manufacturing of Khatumband ceiling Kashmir is known for its distinctive crafts, one of which is the woodcraft. History of woodcraft in Kashmir spans over ten centuries. Woodwork is not merely a functional craft it is decorative as well. It is believable that this distinctive craft has come from Iran as the Iran link in this craft still exists. Even today different types of Khatumband are known by Persian names, he observes. Khatumband has variety to look marvelous in design, JKI have different types of Khatumband design like Moje, Moje Lehar, Teen Bakshish, Chaar Bakshish, Charr Gul, Panch Murabba, Sheesh Gul, Dus Baraan, Dehwaz Deh Girid and many more.
Many buildings in and outside Kashmir can be seen having this unique type of ceiling. We have even designed the ceiling of Military Offices at Badambagh, Srinagar and Military Office in Ladakh as well. Visitors from different places visit at Govt. Joinery Mills, Pampore and come to know that the beautiful Khatumband ceiling which they see in house boats or in hotels is hand-made they come to us and offer is big assignments. It is also evident that these eminent craftsman not only design ceilings of houses, but ceilings of different shrines, mosques, houseboats and some hotels in Kashmir are the evident examples of the carving skill attained by these craftsmen.
One will be amazed to see the beautiful Khatumband design at the holy shrine, Khankahi Moulla, in Srinagar. With the increase in modernization, people love to make their houses and offices more beautiful and attractive and Khatumband helps them to change their dreams into reality. Today people also like to design the walls of their houses or offices by Khatumband. Now it is not bounded to ceiling only, says another craftsman, Mohammad Ashraf.

Panelled work is also preferred but most of the people regard Khatumband design more beautiful and it is true.

Government Joinery Mills, Pampore use different tools in this work like Saw, Toor, Zawambe, Isteg, Kur Rande, Tari Rande, Khoor, Rikni, Krap Het and many more. Khatumband ceiling can be made even in the buildings having concrete roofs. It takes 20-25 days for a man to design 100 feet of Khatumband. However different designs from Rs.100-1200 per foot, depending upon the delicacy of design. It is really praise worthy that these handicraftsman are able to design such a beautiful Khantumband which given an attractive look, compliments Khursheed Ahmed, Manager, Govt. Joinery Mills, Pampore.

Mostly Deodar wood is used to make Khatumband. Customers can’t differentiate between good and bad quality so we get the wood on our own choice, for we can easily judge what type of wood would be suitable. Then we carve that wood according to design ordered by the customer.



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