wool sector


The Project was conceived in the year 1965-66. The details of machinery installed are as under:-

i. Worsted Spinning Plant Imported from UK during 1970. 800 spindles.

ii. Woolen Spinning Plant Imported from Japan during 1971. With 2 card lines.

iii. 13 Harersley Power Looms. Imported from UK and installed during 1978-79.

iv. Balancing preparatory Indigenous, installed during 1979-80 Machinery for dyeing &
Finishing plants with KD Matic Machine.

v. 8 Hi-tech weaving plant Imported from Switzerland during for supplementing the 1988-89.
the Weaving capacity.


line of manufacture

Carpet, Crewel, Tweed and Blanket Yarns Worsted Knitting years, Woollen/Worsted fabrics for civilian including uniform cloth for Police, Forest, Fire Services, Medical and other Departments.

The Plant has capacity to produce about 3 Lakh meters of fabric (product-mix) annually subject to availability of flow of raw material having source outside the State besides critical spare parts as the plant is equipped with sensitive machinery

government spinning mills,nowshehra, srinagar

The Factory was set up in the year 1959-60 with the objective to meet the requirements of raw material of local Shawl Industry in the State. The installed capacity of the unit has been 2.70 Lakh Kgs. of worsted year.

The spindleage installed in the unit are:-

MAKE: Installation

1. Japan 1963-64 1200
2. Japan 1968-69 1200

3. Indigenous 1971-72 1200

4. GDR 1984-85 2460

Total:- 6060 Spindles.

That includes 1200 spindles plant burnt in a devastating fire incident in the year 2000 which engulfed administrative building, Store reducing the installed capacity to 2.10 Lakh Kgs. subject to flow of raw material i.e. Australian Marino Wool Tops.


government knitting factory, jogi gate, jammu

The Factory was established in the year 1957 as a private unit and was taken over by the Government later on. The manufacturing line of the unit is knitting of woolen Jersies, Socks, Hand gloves and Balaclavas generally issued by the State Govt. in J&K Police, Fire Services, and Prisons etc. The present condition of machinery is obsolete which requires replacement/modernization to increase its efficiency in machinery to improve production and quality of product

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